George H. Robinson and Sarah T. Butler

Sarah (Butler) Robinson and Samuel Starry
Sanford Robinson and Emma Bridgford

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We have very little information on this family, and I am beginning to think that George H. Robinson and Sarah T. Butler dropped from outer space to get married in Owen County Indiana September 15, 1831.

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George H. Robinson and Sarah T. Butler were married September 15, 1831 in Owens County Indiana, by James Brown, J.P.

After their marriage, Sarah and George must have gone to Wisconsin for at least a time. Son Sanfords states his state of birth as Indiana, but younger sister Loisa's state of birth is stated as Wisconsin in the 1850 census. Both Abel and Isaac's state of birth is stated as Iowa in the 1850 census. Unknown if they went anyplace between Wisconsin, and Linn County Iowa, where George died in 1847. Sarah's state of birth is declared to be Ohio in the 1850 census.
George H. Robinson's dates from Springville Cemetery in Linn County Iowa are September 17, 1813-August 11, 1847. He died at age 33. (cause of death unknown)
Sarah and Samuel are also buried in Springville Cemetery, Springville, Linn Co., IA

No clue where George or Sarah may have come from before their marriage date in 1831, nor who any of their families may have been. (A Joseph Butler and an Isaac Butler signed the petition of probate and helped to administer the estate of George Robinson after his death.)

Sanford was married at least 3 times, having at least 9 girls and 3 boys from the different marriages. He divorced or deserted at least part of the families. His ?third? marriage in 1892 was at age 59, and he had two children from that marriage, both of whom were taken from their mother when she was ill and adopted out. She later recovered, but was unable to regain her children. Ola was the daughter, the sons name was Judd.

Sanford was found in the Iowa state census:
Jones Co., Greenfield Twp. in 1850 (single, age 18)

and in Linn Co., Buffalo Twp. in 1860.
Sanford D. Robinson 26 farmer $1200 (cannot read where he was born on the census, but a later marriage license states state of birth as Indiana.)
Mary 22 born OH
M??cinda C. 4 born Iowa
Lucinda J 3 born Iowa
Sarah F. 7 born Iowa

1900 census, Frontier County, Nebraska,
Residence 152
Robinson, Sanford D.
White Born Nov 1832 age 67 State of birth: Indiana
(cannot read this entry - looks like Kenowthn Pet, )
Enumerated with : Arnold, Boen
Relationship to above: Boarder

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