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Welcome to Oshkosh, Nebraska

Arnett Services, located in Oshkosh, Nebraska, offers a wide variety of services.

This will be the home of everything from file downloads, to genealogy, to links pages, whichnots and whatevers that dont fit elsewhere.

Family Geneology
Grandmas Story - Family History as told by Ola Scott
Picture of Arnetts with Teddy Roosevelt - Dakota Territory circa 1890

Surname Index Arnett and Schurman family genealogies.
Arnett, Schurman, Scott, Bridgeford, Robinson, Roeder, Renninger, Flake, Patrick, Robbins, Thompson, Rust, Faulkner, Orrick, more

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Photo Album Field/Hobson Page 1 |
Photo Album Rennenger Page 1 |  Page 2 |  Page 3 |  Page 4 |
Photo Album Robinson Page 1 |
Photo Album Rust/Orrick Page 1 | Page 2 |  Page 3 |
Photo Album Schurman Family Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 |
Photo Album Scott Family Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 |

Decendants of Valentine Arnett - A beginning gathering data.
Philo Thompson Journal Diary of the journey of Philo Ellsworth Thompson from Ellington, Connecticutt to Payson, Illinois in 1836. Starting March 28, he arrived at his destination on April 23rd

In 1964, there was a book put together on the Descendants of Christian Schurman. This book was updated to bring most of the lines up to date to the end of the year 2001. The book was printed and shipped earlier this year. We have been told there are a few copies remaining. This "book" is in looseleaf form, with 3 hole punch for a 3 ring binder. This leaves the option to add and update information as time goes by. The family information date from Christian and Appolonias marriage in 1870 to present. There are over 4000 individuals included.
I have nothing to do with the books, but can give you the contact information you will need to purchase a copy. I do not know how many copies were left. There may not be too many.
E-mail: Arnett Services

IMPORTANT! : Rosemount and Bauer Baptism Records 1887 - 1910 (I have been asked to remove the html version of the Baptism Records by the gentleman that furnished them. He was recieving complaints that the information in these records dating before 1910 is "personal" and should not be made public to anyone who does not go to the church to obtain them themselves. My appologies go out to those of you who are searching for your familys records. The much larger, 13 meg pdf record I had before he furnished the more compact html version will remain available for download at this time. Unfortunately, this is a sloppy version of the pdf records with lousy scans of the records themselves, but the more useful and better constructed version is almost 50 megs. Much too large for limited bandwidth.

: Rosemount, Warren County Iowa Marriage Records 1880 - 1904
: Rosemount, Warren County Iowa Death Records 1890 - 1909
: The Journal of the Life, Travels and Gospel Labors of Thomas Arnett
These are large files (3.25m, 1.73m, & 2.31m) I recommend that you save the file to your hard drive rather than trying to open it in a browser window if you are on a dial-up connection. Save to hard drive by right mouse clicking on the link, then clicking "save target as" or "save file as".
Other pdf records availble in the Rosemount folder, but unrelated to the Rosemount files are :
Isaac Robinson's military record. 2.53m
This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.

FREE from Adobe

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