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Raymond Earl ScottOla Scott


January, 1974

   My mother, Emma (Bridgeford) Mackey, was a young widow twenty eight years of age when my dad Sanford D. Robinson came into that part of the country, met her and promised her if she would marry him, he would help raise her 4 children and take good care of them. He had been married twice or three times then left the other families. He had daughters older than my mother. He and my mother were married in May in the year 1892.
   I was born July 9, 1893, in an old sod house near Freedom, Nebraska which was just a little country store and post office north of Indianola and Bartley Nebraska. After I was born, he got mean with my mother and the children. He would buy flour and groceries and give to the neighbors during the 1893-1894 depression while my mother would grind corn on an old hand coffee grinder to make cornbread for us to eat. He always carried a pistol and would shoot all the dogs he could till he was known as Old Dog Hide Sant. according to the people that knew him.
   After I was born, he got mean and abused all the family. When I was about 2 years old, my mother was combing my hair which was quite tangled from the wind, I cried and he grabbed the scissors and cut my hair all off. Then my younger brother Judd came along which did not improve his disposition any.
   I can remember one day he was out in the horse stable and was beating a horse immercifully as he was coming to the house, I said: "Oh, that old dog hide so & so." He asked what I said. Mother told him she didn't know because I would have gotten a good beating. Not long after that he took me one day and took me to one of his friends house and left me with her then adopted me out to John and Rachel Evans at Arapahoe, Nebraska. As soon as my brother was weaned, he grabbed him and the next anyone heard from him, he was somewhere in Iowa.
   My mother was sick and no money to fight for us with. When I was taken to Arapahoe he would come to see me once in a while and tell the folks how good he was and how terrible my mothers people were. One day, my adopted parents told him not to come there anymore. I think then was when he took Judd and went to Iowa to one of his daughters that lived there. Hardly any of his children would have anything to do with him as he was so mean to their mothers and them.

   He had a large family altogether. I was the 9th girl and there were 3 boys. He died in the year 1904. I believe in the month of May. My adopted parent kept me, put me through the 8th grade in rural school. We attended Sunday school and Methodist Church meetings were held in school house which is still standing. They were really strict with me due to the stories my dad told them so I had quite a lonely childhood. I suffered a nervous breakdown at 14 years of age and had St. Vitas dance and had to quit school. One Sunday at Sunday School, I met Raymond Scott and we started dating. Much against my parents wishes we dated for a year and a half and were married February 21, 1912 in Elwood, Nebraska.
   About three years later my half brother L.A. Mackey (Link) and a cousin, Tom Stombeaugh came to Arapahoe and hunted us up as soon as they knew I was married . This was in the winter time, then in the spring Link brought my half sister Fannie (Mackey) McKinney to see me.
   Later on that summer they came again and got me and our two little boys, Earl & Rue and we went to Stratton, Colorado to visit my mother. She was married again by that time to a very good and kind man by the name of William Wing. They had a young son so I had another brother I had never seen. His name is William Melvin (Tid) Wing. They were living on a farm near Stratton. That was the first time I had seen mother in all those years and really found out for myself what a wonderful person she really was. She moved back to Indianola, Nebraska after her husband passed away. She and son William lived alone there.

   In the fall of 1917, we lost our baby girl at the age of 3 days. She came and helped with the boys and the work and nursed me back to my health. Then in December 1918 we had another daughter, Manetta Belle Scott born to us and in the winter of 1919-1920 an epidemic of flu hit the whole country most everywhere. Manetta and myself were not expected to live through it. My mother came and helped Raymond with the work and children. I don't think if it had not been for her good care we would be here today to tell about it.
   In the fall of 1919 Raymond and his brother Dale went to Colorado and filed on homestead land. She came and stayed with us that time too. After we got over the flu, Raymond and Dale went on out to Colorado to start working our homestead land. I and Manetta and boys were not able to travel yet so far, so we stayed there and visited around with different relatives on both sides of the family till Ray came back after us.
   The Homesteads were in Beaver Basin on Cold Spring Mountain in Browns Park Colorado. We lived in tents while building our log cabins.
   Then in 1921 Mother and William Jr.(Tid) Wing came out to Rock Springs Wyoming where we spent the winter and stayed and helped out again when our son Virgil was born. Then she moved back to Stratton where she took in washings and ironing and she and brother William Jr. who was 14 years old then worked and bought them a house and lot in town until she took real bad with cancer. They took her back to Nebraska where she passed away in the year 1933, at the age of 69 years. She and husband William Wing are buried by each other there.
   My husband Raymond really thought there wasn't anyone quite like her. He really idolized her which made me real happy too.

   There are just three of mothers children living at this time; myself, Ola Scott, Fannie McKinney and William Wing. Our ages at present are I, Ola 80, Fannie 90, and William Wing 66 years.
   We went back to the homestead in the summer of 1921. Myself and children stayed on the land while Raymond and brother Dale worked out to make money to fence and work the ground as much as possible. Ray worked in oil field and cut wood and helped build the first oil derrick ever built in Clay Basin, Utah.
   We would come to town to Rock Springs for winter so children could go to school. In the fall of 1922, our daughter Grace was born. Two weeks before she was born, Ray hurt his back and was paralyzed from the waist down and wasn't able to do anything till late spring in 1923. Started getting better, he lost weight at that time till he only weighed 80 pounds.
   When we came to town for the winters, Ray worked for the Superior Lumber Company owned by Thomas James. He worked for three generations of the James family before retiring.    The log cabin we built on the homestead is partly standing yet.

   After Ray hurt his back and we had so much sickness in the family in September 1925, we lost our baby son was stillborn child. Then in 1927 we moved to Salt Lake City where Ray was sent to work on job there. In 1929 sickness and death came again in May Rue passed away with heart trouble. Three weeks from that day, Earl was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. Then three months later in August our little 2 year old son Roy passed away. He had mastoids, they broke inside and caused pneumonia. Then Manetta had pneumonia and we almost lost her. Then Earl was in a gasoline explosion and was very severely burned almost lost his right arm. Then the last part of February our baby son 13 months named Guy Lewis Scott got the measles and pneumonia and passed away.
   We came back to Rock Springs again in 1937, except Manetta. She was married then to Peter Tonge, Salt Lake City. We built our home here in Rock Springs. Earl, Virgil and Grace were all married after we moved back to Rock Springs, Wyoming. Earl married Nettie A. Anderson, February 26, 1940 Rock Springs. Virgil married Esmee Pace from Salt Lake City Utah April 3, 1945. He passed away June 17, 1956. Grace married Alfred(Bud) Schurman from Seneca, Kansas May 16, 1945. Alfred passed away in Rock Springs, Wyoming on March 24, 1961.Grace then married George C.(Skinny) Field, December 21, 1964.

   Ray and I celebrated our Golden wedding February 21, 1962. There were over 300 relatives, neighbors, and friends attended. It was a wonderful day and one to always be remembered. Our children gave the party for us. We lived in the same home yet when Ray became seriously ill and passed away December 27, 1968, at the age of 77 years. I continued living there until it became too hard for me to take care of the home, yard, and three apartments. In June, 1971, I sold it to Grace and George (Skinny) Field. I now live in the same yard in one of the apartments. When I moved into the apartment, I bought all new furniture, rugs and color TV and have it fixed up real nice and is comfortable a place. On my 80th birthday, July 9, 1973, my children had a surprise family reunion for me which I appreciated very much and will always remember. There were over 50 of us besides several that could not come. They served dinner out on the lawn. Had everything one could think of good to eat. All enjoyed it very much. My two daughters and son and endless grandchildren and great grandchildren. There were 16 great grandchildren, the oldest age 7 years at the party.

On June 7, 1969, I was baptized in the L.D.S. (Mormon) Church at Lyman Stake Ward in Rock Springs. Some of my children and grandchildren are members of the L.D.S. (Mormon) church also.

One of my granddaughters, Katherine (Scott) Garner has done the Temple work for her two uncles:
  • Virgil Fay Scott

  • Baptism date 12 May 1973
    Endowment 13 Sept 1973
  • Alva Rue Scott

  • Baptism date 12 May 1973
    Endowment 13 Sept 1973
two of our sons that are deceased.

   My family are members of several different churches of their choice. There is really good thoughts in all of them and all working for the same place.


    Emma Bridgeford was born November 1, 1864, was married to Willis Mackey July 8,1879. Four children were born to them: Frank, Fannie, Lewis A, and John J. Mackey.
  •    Frank Mackey was born June 8,1881. Died September 21, 1908.
  •    Fannie Mackey was born August 13, 1883.
  •    Lewis A. Mackey was born April 15,1885. Died March 7,1952.
  •    John J. Mackey was born October 22, 1888.

    • John Mackey was married to Etta Bosley December 6, 1916.
      John and Etta have one son,
      Robert Mackey.
    • Lewis A. Mackey was married to Mary Schmidt in Nebraska.
      Two children
      Wilma Mackey deceased,
      Helen Mackey married to Clyde Thompson living in Oregon.
    • Fannie Mackey was married to Sam McKiney.
      Two Children:
      Cecil Mckiney was born Freedom, Nebraska June 18, 1903.
      Morris Elmer (Bud) McKiney was born September 28, 1909.
      • Cecil McKiney married to William Callan,
        two children:
        William Callan, Jr. and
        Robert Callan
      • M.E. (Bud) McKiney married Velma Boytz.
        One child,
        Patricia Ann was born to them.

    Emma Bridgeford Mackey married to Sanford D. Robinson in May 1892
    Two Children,
  • Ola Robinson July 9, 1893
    Ola was adopted by John and Rachel Evans whose name she then took.
    Ola Evans was married to Raymond E. Scott at Elwood, Nebraska February 21, 1912.
  • Judd C. Robinson January 17,1896.
    Married to Ida Bjordahl (Burkdahl) March 7, 1936. Judd passed away at Hot Springs South Dakota January 24, 1958.

    Emma Bridgeford was married to William Wing in the fall of 1901.
    One child was born to them.
  • William Melvin Wing born December 7, 1907.
    Married to Mary Baker November 21, 1946.
One uncle Exastus Bridgeford living at Bartley Nebraska. Also several cousins living in the area of Bartley and Indianola, Nebraska.

Emma Bridgeford Wing passed away at Indianola, Nebraska in year 1933.

Do not know anything concerning S.D. Robinson. Deserted Family.

* Ola Evans Scott, 91, passed away at 8:55 Wednesday, Aug 1, 1984 at the Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Raymond Scott and Ola Evans
Raymond and Ola Scott's wedding picture
Married February 21, 1912 in Elwood, Nebraska

Note: Ola Evans Scott was one of the most wonderful people to ever walk the face of this earth. I believe she was one of the biggest influences on my formative years. I do not remember her ever saying an angry or vindictive word to or against anyone in the 30 years I had the opportunity to enjoy her company.

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